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Ahrend’s vision is that of a circular economy and therefore we aspire the most sustainable solution of all: products of such quality that they can be reused endlessly. After all, the most sustainable product that can be created is a timeless, beautiful, modular product that doesn’t have to be disposed of or disassembled, but can ‘just’ be reused. 

We would like to explain our approach to ‘Circular economy put into practice ’ in the infographic below. Our approach consists out of six simple steps.

Circular economy put to practice - our six steps explained:

Step 1: Design
Circular economy starts with design. Ahrend designs all her products modular and according to timeless design with the best quality for the longest lifespan. Our products can easily be dismantled so that (individual) parts are easy to replace. Our products are designed in such a way that every part is reusable and designed according to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, our C2C certificates prove this.

Step 2: Sourcing:
The materials we use are of high quality, sustainable and healthy in use. A prerequisite for the success of a circular economy is that products are Cradle to Cradle. After all, designing circular products and preserving raw materials can only succeed if you are sure that the materials you use are safe and healthy for both people and the environment. Reusing hazardous materials is not the purpose. We continuously innovate in sustainable materials. All our used materials are Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM.

Step 3: Production:
Ahrend’s products are climate-neutral, produced with the use of renewable energy. We manufacture with 100% sustainable energy and are CO2 neutral.                

Step 4: Maintenance:
By maintaining your product as long as possible the maximum value is preserved. Ahrend proactively provides continuous technical maintenance, based on the needs of the customer. The technical lifespan of our products surpasses the economic lifespan. 

Step 5: Reuse
After revitalisation, products are given a new life. We facilitate reuse of all our products. Either as complete products or individual parts. This is not only economical, but also reduces CO2 emissions, waste and the consumption of raw materials. Ahrend Reuse lowers the CO2 footprint of our products up to 95%.    

Stap 6: Recycling
If a product really can no longer be used, we recycle it in a high-grade way. Due to our sophisticated design choices for healthy, safe and premium materials, 100% of the value of the materials used by Ahrend is regained.

What does circular entrepreneurship mean for you?  Create value together

What does circular entrepreneurship mean for you? It is possible to create value in several ways with our products. Our products provide a healthy and sustainable working environment. A working environment which is reusable. A working environment with the highest residual value.

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